Will design save Volvo from melting into vanilla oblivion?

I don't envy the daunting job that lies ahead for Volvo head of design Thomas Ingenlath. The Swedish brand posted a loss of close to $90 million in the first half of 2013, and while they're back in the black thanks to cost-cutting measures and growth in China, they still have an uphill battle to find firm footing in… » 1/17/14 12:08pm 1/17/14 12:08pm

The one question MINI asks owners to find buybacks is...

The best auto show chatter happens when people let their guard down and just shoot the shit. After getting the lowdown on the new MINI Cooper and wide-eyed John Cooper Works, I hung around for a while with a few of the product specialists at their booth at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. » 1/16/14 11:38am 1/16/14 11:38am

Mercedes head of design talks 2015 C-Class and the death of the wedge

Mercedes head of design Gorden Wagener has a pretty sweet gig. Promoted to design chief at the tender age of 39, he's injected a much-needed breath of fresh air into the once-geriatric German luxury brand. Not only has he brought us stunners like the new entry-level CLA, but he's now leading the type of design team… » 12/16/13 6:02pm 12/16/13 6:02pm

This is now the world's most valuable Mazda Protege...

International man of mystery and X-Acto knife specialist Banksy continues his month-long residency in New York City with this piece that popped up yesterday on the Lower East Side. While it's no longer possible to see out of the car now that it's covered in paint, the owner should be thrilled that they now likely… » 10/10/13 9:15am 10/10/13 9:15am

DC Comics Contest: Draw a Naked Woman Committing Suicide

DC Comics has been having a bad week. Yesterday, two members of the Batwoman editorial team quit after their publishers refused to allow Batwoman (who is a lesbian character) to marry her partner. And now the comic company has provoked even more outrage by hosting a contest in which they readers to draw Harley… » 9/08/13 1:21pm 9/08/13 1:21pm

How Greg Tracy Proved Human Drivers Are Better Than Drone Cars

Google engineers will tell you that one day robot-controlled cars will be able to drive better and safer than humans. One year ago, in a stunt for Hot Wheels, driver Greg Tracy proved just how far off those robots really are. » 8/06/13 11:38pm 8/06/13 11:38pm

How the BMW i8 Concept Makes Green Look Gorgeous


Let me just say as someone who has designed a concept car, I love the BMW i8 Concept. When its predecessor debuted in 2009 as the Vision EfficientDynamics Concept, it was striking — a refreshing reminder that eco-friendly and forward-thinking don't have to mean ugly and awkward. » 4/29/13 3:50pm 4/29/13 3:50pm

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