DC Comics Contest: Draw a Naked Woman Committing Suicide

DC Comics has been having a bad week. Yesterday, two members of the Batwoman editorial team quit after their publishers refused to allow Batwoman (who is a lesbian character) to marry her partner. And now the comic company has provoked even more outrage by hosting a contest in which they readers to draw Harley… »9/08/13 1:21pm9/08/13 1:21pm

How Greg Tracy Proved Human Drivers Are Better Than Drone Cars

Google engineers will tell you that one day robot-controlled cars will be able to drive better and safer than humans. One year ago, in a stunt for Hot Wheels, driver Greg Tracy proved just how far off those robots really are. »8/06/13 11:38pm8/06/13 11:38pm

How the BMW i8 Concept Makes Green Look Gorgeous


Let me just say as someone who has designed a concept car, I love the BMW i8 Concept. When its predecessor debuted in 2009 as the Vision EfficientDynamics Concept, it was striking — a refreshing reminder that eco-friendly and forward-thinking don't have to mean ugly and awkward. »4/29/13 3:50pm4/29/13 3:50pm

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